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August 2010

Out of the Pit's vision is for Christians, Ministries and Churches associated with the mining industry to connect and share a vision. Our vision is for miners everywhere to know and follow the real Jesus.


Welcome to the Out of the Pit new look newsletter!

We've now got our newsletters linked up to the website, so now whenever someone registers with the website, not only will they have access to the forum and the members database, but the monthly newsletters too!

The great thing about the OOTP ministry is the ability to encourage and support each other as Christians right around Australia and the world.  These newsletters provide a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself, your ministry or church and let the whole network know what God is doing.

So if you have a few spare moments when you're on break, or a quiet evening or lunch break, and have some inspiring stories or thoughts you'd like to share, please send them through to me and I can share them with everyone.

This month I'm thinking of those 33 miners trapped underground in a copper/gold mine in Chile.  While they are in contact with rescuers on surface, it is expected to take months to get them out - they're not likely to be out before Christmas!  Please keep them and their families in your prayers.

And before you go, make sure you don't miss this years' Out of the Pit conference in Kalgoorlie on 15/16 October. This will be a unique opportunity to get together with other believers from across industry and hear what God is doing in Kalgoorlie and WA. To book, download the form here, or goto Upcoming Events on the website.

Have a great month!


Short term profit vs Long Term gain

What affect does the Mining Boom have on you? With so many jobs available, many professionals are being lured by the big money, sometimes at the expense of a satisfying career and a sustainable lifestyle.

Richard Fortune presented the paper "Short term profit versus long term gain" at the 2006 AusIMM New Leaders Conference in Kalgoorlie.  Read the paper here, and look at the importance of relationships in your career.

golden nugget Bible Nugget

“To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32

The truth sets us free

It’s easy to avoid the truth – reality can be terrifying! We often create a fake ‘reality’ and a fake ‘identity’ to avoid facing up to who we really are.

But we needn’t be afraid, because freedom comes through truth. When we realise how weak, small, depraved and selfish we have been without God in our lives and how strong, big, pure and totally selfless God is, we surrender all our pride to him. Then God does something amazing, through Jesus, putting things right again, so we can be how he made us “Then God created man in his own image” Genesis 1:27.

Wouldn’t you rather go through the pain of realising how wretched you are, to be released into this restoration and truth? Embrace it – this is an ongoing process in the Christian life.

Give God thanks for:

  • Our new website and newsletters, that we have the support and the resources to bring people together.
  • That the trapped miners are alive and in touch with their families
  • The boom in the mining industry, and the financial blessing from it we can use to bless others and bring others to Christ
  • Our freedom in Christ
  • That Jesus came to set us free
Please pray for:

  • Increasing interest in the Out of the Pit website and it to generate lots of connections, encouragement and passion to see Jesus' name held up in this industry
  • The miners trapped in Chile, that they may trust in God through this tough time
  • Wisdom as we consider our work and lifestyle and how that effects our relationship with God
  • Our lives to be free - to surrender our pride to him
Contact Info

Rosie Da Costa, Editor :: rosie -at- outofthepit.org
If you're keen to contribute to the newsletter, with something about your part of the world: e.g. your town, workplace, family, ministries you're involved etc. or how you came to Christ, please drop us a line. Constructive feedback on the newsletter is also welcome!