Out of the Pit connects people in the resources industry with Christian fellowship.
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The Giospel for Miners
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Chaplain Duncan - Origin Energy Villages (2)
Richard Fortune
03 Jul 2016 20:47 PM

Chaplain Duncan - Origin Energy Villages (2)
Duncan Whitchurch
20 Jun 2016 00:00 AM

Hello (2)
Richard Fortune
09 Mar 2016 16:18 PM

Hello (2)
Martin Charlton
26 Feb 2016 00:00 AM

Murrin Murrin prayer network (7)
Mark Hemans
21 Dec 2014 19:38 PM

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The benefits of believing in Jesus June 2014
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May you have a blessed Christmas 2013
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How your church can connect with miners Oct 2013
Away from home and on a mission Sept 2013
Extraordinary healing of mining administrator Sept 2013
Resting in God's Word Aug 2013
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How to Connect with Miners June 2013
Keeping your light bright in dark places May '13
Dealing with the frustration of waiting April '13
April news: The Miner's Bible is ready
The Story of a Life Unchained from Addiction March '13
Praying For Your Mine Site Feb 13
How to have a prospered new year Jan '13
The Real Meaning of Christmas Dec 12
Is saying sorry enough? Nov '12
Overcoming Sexual temptation Sept '12
Being Different Aug 12
Hope for the depressed July 12
Wholeness in relationships June 2012
Staying Connected May 2012
Mastering Your Thoughts April 12
Refined as Gold March 2012
Return to Me Feb 2012
Coming Soon Miners' Bible Jan 12
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