Out of the Pit connects people in the resources industry with Christian fellowship.
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The Giospel for Miners
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Miners Mission

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The International Miner's Mission was established in 1906 by a wealthy industrialist Richard Glynn Vivian, who had come to follow Christ through ill health in his final years. The plight of miners and their families in many parts of the world made such an impact on Vivian that he left a large bequest to the organisation he had founded to reach miners and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today the IMM supports local missionaries to miners in over 10 countries, through 5 regional committees. The IMM has a support model that encourages:
  • Empowerment of local missionaries 
  • Good stewardship of finances
  • Collaboration and integration with local churches

Out of the Pit aims to raise awareness of the IMM within the mining community, leading to increased prayer, financial support and involvement in their mission from people in the mining industry.

The map below shows mission regions and supporting committees.

For more information and to learn how you can support or get involved in the IMM, please go to the Miner's Mission Website or contact Peter Robertson, IMM's Australian representative.

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